5 Reasons to choose a WordPress platform for your website

WordPress is a popular choice as a platform. As you research the choices available in Content Management Systems (CMS), you will discover the many benefits of having a WordPress website and understand why it is a preferred platform for website development and website design.

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1) Money savings

WordPress is open-source and has many open source. The investment is in hiring a skilled WordPress developer to customize a WordPress theme and features to meet a customer’s specific requirements, needs, and wishes. A website designer will customize your WordPress website for your company, business or organization. A large percentage of websites are created using WordPress.

2) SEO friendly

WordPress is SEO friendly so your website will be optimized and ready for your target audience. The WordPress platform offers many resources to help your website with SEO that works. Many of the websites that show up on the first page of search engine results are a WordPress website.

3) Mobile friendly

A designer will know the importance of making sure your WordPress website is mobile-ready. The WordPress platform is mobile friendly. Today’s audiences are using mobile devices and your website must look great and function perfectly on all mobile devices.

4) Ease of use

A WordPress website is easy to use so that you can be shown how to post your own blogs without too much stress. You can schedule your post for now or later. We are happy to show you how to do this when we develop your WordPress website. If you don’t want to post your own blogs, we can do for you.

5) Trusted

Search engines and website users trust WordPress. It is a reliable CMS. The latest research shows that 60% of CMS websites globally are using a WordPress website.

Trina Daniels

A skilled Copy Writer with a background in corporate marketing and promotion where she was responsible for concept to execution of both B2B and B2C campaigns for over 1300 affiliated outlets. Trina has been published in several international, national, regional and local publications.



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