I am loving the growing industry of podcasting. I love listening to podcasts as well as creating them. There are all kinds of them available and more and more being created every day. Because I love podcasting, I’m also quick to turn one off and move onto the next one when it is bad.

Podcasting is not radio

While podcasting is still relatively new, there’s already bad habits within it. Podcasting is not radio, even though there are similarities. They are both audio and involve recording and listening. With the new Apple analytics and as more and more measurement tools are developed, advertising on podcasts will continue to grow. You can make your podcast similar to a great radio show with gimmicks, commercials, recorded interviews, and different segments. Just don’t include the lingo which has already been bad for decades. I’m hoping the old radio phrases can be left in old radio and not continued. I hated the phrase “we’re back” in radio, and I despise it even more in a podcast.

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Be creative with your podcast

It’s great to have fun and create a podcast for your community, hobby, business or cause. Whatever you are doing, be professional about it and limit the background noise. You don’t have to purchase all of the great equipment a radio station has to operate, however, keep background noise in mind. Nobody wants to be involved and listening to a great podcast only to hear the dogs barking, the baby crying and the kids screaming in the background. Since you’re most likely recording this, do it at an opportune time or edit it.

Selective advertising

Advertising that isn’t a fit isn’t worth the money. Say no to money if it is going to cause the podcast to be strange, uncomfortable or not fit in with your podcast. If you’re talking about the vegan lifestyle, you don’t want to advertise purchasing your grass fed cattle for your freezer this winter.

In conclusion, have fun, inform someone about something or share something, be creative, podcast!


Trina Daniels

A skilled Copy Writer with a background in corporate marketing and promotion where she was responsible for concept to execution of both B2B and B2C campaigns for over 1300 affiliated outlets. Trina has been published in several international, national, regional and local publications.



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